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Some Success

We are pleased to report a success in the Missing Relatives section. With the author's permission we are reproducing his message.

If you would like to glean this notice off the Missing Persons board, I have located Mr. Wilson. He is alive and well in Lafayette, Colorado. The contact came via a response to this posting and I am indeed grateful for your assistance.
A "SUZIEQ" made the contact possible and I could not redirect a response to her. Sooooo, if she should see this I would like to add my personal thanks for her time to send me the valuable contact. Regards, Bob Tharp

Found Missing Brother

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the help you provided. My husband now knows that his brother is alive and doing o.k. It has been a blessing to him. I guess a simple, Thank You will be what I have to offer you.
Please give my thanks to Scott for contacting me with the information.
Steve & Ina Wallace
I sent the above to the lady, Sally Lounsbury, who got my name from your bulletin board and offered to help. I want to send my Thanks to you for providing this service to people. Give me an address(haven't been able to access the internet, Netscape is diving on me) and I'll send my donation of $5.00 toward your service.

Another success story

Someone named Sally just wrote to me out of the blue, and located both Lloyd Malan, a long lost friend from over 25 years ago, and Richard Empey, my 5th grade teacher (the year Kennedy was shot!) Have had reunions with both, one in person, the teacher over the phone. It truly adds another ring around my life. I am grateful to Sally and the missing friends bulletin board. Thanks. To everyone else, DON't GIVE UP. I've been looking for between 3 and 4 years before I posted them with you.

Birth Sister Found

Please take my ad off the "Lost Relatives" page. I found them!! I just got off the phone with my birth sister. I was the one lost. They thought that I was adopted. They thought that my records were sealed. I thought they wwere one place, when they were actually someplace else. It's been forty years!! My advice? DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!! When all seems lost, there is always prayer. Our prayers have been answered. I'm the baby of nine and I'm nnot alone anymore. Thank you for your assistance.
Carol Taylor

Birth father found

Shortly after posting my story on this site, I recieved an email message from a lady name Sally. She told me that she would be able to locate my father for me if I could get her a social security number. I immediately sent for my birth records hoping that my fathers SS# was on them. I was LUCKY because to my surprise, I had the SS# within a week. I immediately replied back to Sally with the number she had requested. Two hours later I checked my email to find the current address and phone number of my birth father. I was so excited. It took me two days to find enough courage to call him, and things went really well. We are now communicating and I hope things work out. No matter what happens, I will always be greatful for what Sally did for me. THANK YOU!!!!
If any one would like to read my original story, it is under Larry Edward Anderson and was dated August 5, 1996.
Melissa Anderson

Missing Relatives Found

I would like to tell you we have found our relitives we had posted and we would like to say THANK YOU for having this service available.If you could please remove their names.CANDICE ALLBRITTON and STEPHANIE ALBRITTON. Im not sure of the exact spellings but they were posted on JULY 30,96 and we had a reply JULY 31,96.
It would be in both sections, missing relitives and missing friends. THANK YOU AGAIN.

Friends Found

Ad posted AUG. 13 looking for john & rai barnett brought success on aug15. Friends have been contacted and a long overdue meeting set for Oct. Many thanks to cyberpages and fellow hackers!!
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Steve Serrell
11th November, 1995
Looking for all my California and Washinton friends.I'm in Texas, e-mail me at
Noelle Lippman
11th November, 1995
I'm looking for Noelle Lippman. We were best friends in elementary school. I moved away in 6th grade and we just lost touch with each other. If anyone knows where I can find her I would really like to talk with her. When I knew her we were both going to Booth Elementary School in Birmingham Michigan. She had long red hair and a great smile! Thanks for your help!
Gloria (maiden name) Rosenke
11th November, 1995
originally from Edmonton Alberta Canada She lived in Seattle Wash. around 1963 & 1964 It is very important that I locate her. we have a very common interest together and I need to contact her.
Jason Dagle/ Sonja Marie Elder, AKA Sonja Marie Potwin.
4th November, 1995
Presently, I have been looking for an old friend who is very near and dear to my heart. I have lost contact with these two indiviuals and wish to re-esablish contact with them. I am planning to get married and wish to share this joyous occasion with these individuals. Here is all the information that I have at the time. Jason Dagle was living in Houston, TX. when he moved with his mother to Denver Colorado. He has black hair and looks alot like Robert Downy Jr. I seem to recall him saying something about joining the air force and getting married. I do not know how to get a hold of him anymore. Sonja Marie Elder, AKA Sonja Marie Potwin left Houston. She has probably graduated from Boston University with a degree in International Relations. She speaks french fluently and has black hair and is approx 5' 4" tall. Her father's name is Antonio Elder. She would most likely be working for the United Nations. If anyone can assist me with my quest of finding these two individuals, it would be greatly appreciated.
Please e-Mail me at Rex=Campbell%TS=Syscall%CS=Hou@Bangate.Compaq.Com
Zachary LaSalle.
3 rd November, 1995
I am looking for one of my best friends ever, Zak, who I lost contact with after college. Last I knew he moved from Storrs, CT to Montana.
If you have any information please contact Tabitha Hitchcock at
Joe Craypa.
3 rd November, 1995
I am looking for a former classmate of mine, Joe Craypa, who moved from Boston to the Chicago area in February, 1995, and no one has heard from him since. Joe, if you are out there, call or e-mail me!
Kerry Hagan

Todd Byrnes.
3 rd November, 1995
I am looking for a guy named Todd Byrnes. He lived in Ames, Iowa in 1980. His wifes name is/was Kathy. The last I heard he was living in or around New York city and working as a furniture mover.
Jeff Hatfield
Thomas Piscitelli.
3 rd November, 1995
I lost contact with a former boyfriend named Thomas Piscitelli. I was in contact with him last, back in 1982/83. He moved to New Jersey in 1983. We used to play in the folk group in our church called St.Benedicts, in Amherst, NY. He must be in New York City or still in New Jersey. If anyone knows of him...he's short, dark hair, dark beard/moustache, has chemistry degree, Catholic, approx 44 years old. Please call me at (716) 532-4488. I miss him badly and would like to know he's well. thanks
Laura formholtz(Dauria)>
james pat white ron perdue or buzz bunch member
3 rd November, 1995
Anyone that did vent and voids on the U.S.S. Dixon AS -37 during the summer of 1978 or know of any torpedo man who serve on board during that time contact JACK AT ljjq70a@ PRODIGY.COM
Celines (Sally) Aguilar
23 rd October, 1995
Last known to live on Imperial Valley Drive in Houston TX. Previously lived in Newark NJ. She worked as a flight attendant for Continental Airlines until December 1989. Please contact me at
Clay Pickering
23 rd October, 1995
I am looking for a friend, Clay Pickering, whom I met in Denton, Tx. and later moved to New Mexico. If you have information, please let Tony Sanchez know at
Michael Allen
23 rd October, 1995
My name is Donna, in 1969 I met Michael Allen(Allan) in Barstow, CA. He would hang out at Fran's Cafe. He was in the Army stationed at Fort Irwin, and had just returned from Viet Nam. After Fort Irwin he was transfered to Fort Oro, CA. His home of record is Eureka, CA. He is a veteran and was wounded in Viet Nam. I have not seen him since but have been trying to find him for years. It is very important.
My e-mail address is
Barbara Dunn
23 rd October, 1995
I am looking for an old friend named Barbara Dunn. She is approximately 35 years of age currently. As I recall her birthday is in April. I believe she grew up in a town by the name of East Kilbride, near Glasgow, Scotland. In 1985 she worked at the Hyatt Carlton Towers Hotel in London England. Prior to that she worked at the Hilton Hotel in Stratford-Upon-Avon. In the mid-1980's she may have applied for work as a cabin attendant for British Airways. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.
Tracy Acurso
23 rd October, 1995
i am looking for a friend of mine who i lost contact with about 10 yrs ago. Her name was tracy acurso. We lived in sunset park brooklyn. Any info will be gladly accepted
Celines (Sally) Aguilar
23 rd October, 1995
Last known to live on Imperial Valley Drive in Houston TX. Previously lived in Newark NJ. She worked as a flight attendant for Continental Airlines until December 1989.
Please contact me at
23 rd October, 1995
I am looking for a girl I met in East Berlin while I was there on tour with my band Ultraman. I called her Strawberry Shortcake because she had bright red hair. The last time I spoke to her was in Oct. Of 91. The last I heard she was in India. If you have any information on her please e-mail me.
Tim Jamison/
Ron Tomsom
23 rd October, 1995
We are looking for Ron Tomsom. He would have been in the graduating class of 1955, South Broward High School, Hollywood, FL. Please call Virginia Desiato & Fred Lee @ 714-768-7076 or use the e-mail address please
From: Jim Sease
23 rd October, 1995
I met Mike, from Jacksonville, Florida, in 1971 when he was in Kabul, Afghanistan with the Peace Corps. He returned to university in Gainesville, Florida, and about 1974 he moved to Arizona to teach. I would like to know how his life turned out, and maybe he'd like to get up to date on what has happened to me.
"Tara J. Ballance"
Karen Jamison,
23 rd October, 1995
Karen Jamison, my former collegue at Ericsson Where are you now ?
Putte Samuelsson
Christine Naslin
23 rd October, 1995
I knew Christine in England between 1975 to 1977. I only know her maiden name and she should be about 37 years old now. My name is Greg and I would to get in touch with Christine. Anyone who knows of her whereabout may reach me at the following e-mail:-
Old Friends James Edward ("Sonny") Hallas and his wife, Charlotte Hallas
23rd Oct 1995
I would like to locate two old dear friends I lost track of in Dallas, Texas about 35 years ago. They managed the Redwood Lodge Apts. Their names were James Edward ("Sonny") Hallas and his wife, Charlotte Hallas. Thank you and God bless you. John Black
Mark Paetkau
23rd Oct 1995
I am looking for Mark Paetkau, who used to belong to the Queen's University WTF Taekwondo club in Kingston, Ontario and who moved to Alberta to continue his schooling approximately two years ago.
Please contact Elisabeth Sorensen at my email address: SORENSENE@ADMIN.FCBE.EDU.ON.CA
Chris (kitty) D'Silva Lorna Dias
29th SEPT 1995
I was born and brought up in uganda, east africa. I left the country in 1970. I also left behind several goan friends i went to high school with when I was a student in Jinja, uganda. I am trying to locate two of these friends. Both of them are in their early forties. After leaving uganda, in 1972 they moved to Canada either in the Toronto or Montreal area. The names of these friends are 1. Chris (kitty) D'Silva 2. Lorna Dias
If anyone knows the whereabouts of these persons please contact me at the following email address:
Michael Patrick I met Mike, from Jacksonville, Florida, in 1971 when he was in Kabul, Afghanistan with the Peace Corps. He returned to university in Gainesville, Florida, and about 1974 he moved to Arizona to teach. I would like to know how his life turned out, and maybe he'd like to get up to date on what has happened to me. "Tara J. Ballance"
Renee Cruz
29th SEPT 1995
Renee, I haven't spoken to you since 1990. It's been kind of hard to locate you, but I do hope your doing well and are happy. In case you're wondering, we dated from early '88 to the end of '89. Brief, but very intense! I just wanted to know how you have been. So if your on the net and somehow come across this, E-mail me at: --I hope to hear from you soon!
Donna Wentzgall Long Wallace Kimmerly,
29th SEPT 1995
where are you. Was living in Sunrise, FL. Please if you know her have her call
Regina Desiato @ 415-964-3348 or e-mail
Michael Roitman
29th SEPT 1995
My brother and I are looking for Michael Roitman. Last known address was Bristol Rhode Island, living at the Harriet Bradford Hotel apts. We met Mike while working at Dominos Pizza in Temple terrace Florida (just out side of Tampa) That was late 1973. Worked with him at Dominos for the next several years mid to late 70's. he moved to Rhode Island about 1979 or 80. Still working for Dominos. He moved back to Florida the winter of 1983, to the Apopka or Orlando area. He was born orlando area, is approx 42-45 years old, curly brown hair & mostache(still ??). Favorite expression was Merge!, wears glasses (maybe contacts now). I anyone knows of Mikes whereabouts please contact, thanks.
Edd McDivitt lost buddy
29th SEPT 1995
lost contact with Edd in 1976-77. Edd McDivitt and I served together in the USN on the USS ROARK FF 1053 from 1974 to 1976. He was a good friend and I ofton think about him, and now I hope with all of your help I might find him. I also served with at the same time and would like to find Mark Angus. Mark builds hand made clasical guitars. I last saw thse guys in Long Beach and San Deigo Calif. If you know of there possible where abouts please email
Mark Kent at
Herbert h. Peterbauer
29th SEPT 1995
I served him him in Viet Nam . We were in an artillery battery at Tay Ninh when I was wounded and shipped home. All I can remember was that he was from New York.
Pleae contact me at 2103 jones st. Greenville, texas 75401 Phone (903)-455-8653.>
Colleen Piccone
9th SEPT 1995
Looking for her new address. She graduated from Brooklyn Law School, passed bar exams in NJ and NY and moved somewhere to work, maybe even to Europe. I even think she got married :) . Anyway, if anyone have a hint of where to contact her,
Send me email at
Clay Pickering
9th SEPT 1995
I am looking for a friend, Clay Pickering, whom I met in Denton, Tx. and later moved to New Mexico. If you have information, please let
Tony Sanchez know at
Karen Jamison
9th SEPT 1995
Karen Jamison, my former collegue at Ericsson Where are you now ?
Putte Samuelsson
9th SEPT 1995
Peter where are you?
Putte Samuelsson
5 SEPT 1995
I last spoke with Chuck in 1971, when he was living here in Kansas City, Missouri. He had a brother then stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base (also in Missouri). Chuck and I were stationed in East Africa together between 1966 and 1968. At last contact (1971) he was married to Pam (maiden name White, from Madison Wisconsin), who was pregnant. Chuck might be about 50 by now. Before he left he was talking about going back into the Army or the civilian equivalent of our jobs, Viet Nam War was still on. Chuck is a Sci Fi fan and interested in writing Sci Fi. I believe he was born in Padukah Kentucky or in that area. His dad was a truck driver. He was a very good friend and I've long wondered how things have gone for him. I miss our talks about our reading and what we might write.
PLEASE RESPOND to CAREY J. BURKE or phone me at 816.436.0306
Knecht, Ilsa
5 SEPT 1995
Yes! You too can now have this award-winningemail message! Ilsa Knecht, formerly of Champaign, Il and Urbana High School, now in the Toledo area. I lost your address when i lost my wallet when i promised i write you first. 'member? (Eric Appleton)
Marian Girguis
5 SEPT 1995
Hi. I would like to be included in the listing. I am looking for a freind, who studies in UCLA. Her name is Marian Girguis. Please help !!!
Mohammad Jawad Baig
Dejana Radjenovic
5 SEPT 1995
If anyone knows Dejana Radjenovic, 30 years old, lived in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia. Has studied in Cairo where we met. Contact lost since the war started. Desperately trying to find her !!! (dead or alive).
Michakl <100044,>
5 SEPT 1995
My mother, Mary Foust would like to locate Gladys Floyd, who was our neighbor in Bon Air VA in the early to mid 70's.
Reach her through my husband's e-mail: melvyn j crawford
Denise Yeager and Bridget Finlen
5 SEPT 1995
I'm looking for Denise Yeager and Bridget Finlen, friends of mine from Arcola Jr. High School in Audubon PA. My name is Debra Foust.
melvyn.crawford@SGL.Varian.COM (melvyn crawford)
18th,Aug 95
LOST good friend. Did go by name of Joann Elliott. Has been married since not sure of last name. Orginally from SC and last known to be living in California. Has one son that I know of should be grown now.
Thank You Connie Boswell
Amy Caprara, Michelle Dobbe, or Margaret Chowder-
18th,Aug 95
Amy Caprara, Michelle Dobbe, or Margaret Chowder--Amy once lived in Avon Lake, OH, Michelle lived in Tampa, FL, and I haven't seen Margaret since 1976 when she lived in Hammond, IN. All three are around 25 years old.
Contact me at
Karen Mitchell
18th,Aug 95
I am looking for Karen Mitchell, she will be a freshman in college in fall of 95 she lives in Pittsburg, pa, usa. we went to summer camp one year and i fell in love with her, i couldnt take the long distance relationship thing so i broke it off, i havent spoken to her or heard from her in a year and a half, she was the greatest person i have ever met and i think of her often, if you know her or are her, please get in touch with pat, i am afraid to try to mail you because of how i left things, i am truely sorry, i miss you very much LOVE
PAT jlbloeser
Kathyrn Jackson
18th,Aug 95
Went to jr. high together in Staten Island, NY--St. Sylvesters School, graduated in 1977. May have studied physical therapy in college. She knew me as Fran Ruffino. Lost contact in 1980.
email me -
Steven Greenlee
5,Aug 95
Steven and I went to Junior High in Colorado Springs, CO in about 1980 or 81. We were in a lot of art classes with Mr. Coonfield and he was good at math.
Contact Shannon Swain at or or 1-501-575-4505wk.
Renee Renzi,
5,Aug 95
originally from Downham, London, England. Last known living in upstate New York, Catskills area.
Edward D Matheson

Tj. Splatt (nickname)
5,Aug 95
Went to Florin High School in California. Was a real party animal and always charming the women.Moved out of State in 1993 and never got to say goodbye. born Feb.1975
my e-mail
Douglas E. Bushousen, and wife Janet.
5,Aug 95
Doug was a former member of the 1354 Video Production Sq in Orlando, Fla. May be living in Sun Valley, Ca.
Edward D Matheson
Mao Li Lin
25,July 95
Was close friends with her while I was studying in Shanghai, 9/87 to 3/88. We've since travelled our separate ways but I'd really like to hear from her again.I will be moving to Japan early Nov 95, so will post again here later (if needed :-)
Send any info to or (Ron Andrews).

Linda Foote
27,July 95
Im trying to find Linda Foote from Australia. Last known address was in Victoria.(?)
Please contact Jane Miles at
Elaine Reister
Sat,22 July 95
I'm not sure the last name is spelled correctly. She was a childhood friend of Twyla Voigt in Lemmon, South Dakota, in the 1950's.
Please e-mail me
Allan Heyer
Sat,22 July 95
Looking to contact Allan Heyer, last heard of in S.F. 6-7 years ago.
Send mail to Jo at or Thanks.
Barry John Wild
Sat,22 July 95
I'm looking for Barry John Wild, last heard of in London 8 years ago but possibly went to New York.
Contact Jo Mackenzie at jomac@maui,net, or
Ruth Edwards and Kerry Price Nicky & Alex
Sat,22 July 95
I'm looking for Ruth Edwards and Kerry Price who went to Westfields High School, Fairfield West, Sydney, Australia in 1981. I lived there from being 11 to 13, then we came back to Lancaster, England. Ruth and Kerry (who was also from England) were my best friends at school and I unfortunately lost touch with them.
Also Nicky & Alex (male twins) in the same year at school at the same time.
My name is Debra Savage, my email is
Mark Slaughter,Brian Wells
Sat, 8 July 95
Hi, I'm looking for a few "lost" friends, and these are two of them: Mark Slaughter, maybe in Texas, USA?
Brian Wells, New Zealand, Australia,anywhere else?
Don't be mislead by my email address, I'm actually in Holland, Europe.
Raffa(ella) Predieri
Sat, 8 July 95
Deryck and Adele Sheriffs
Sat, 8 July 95
I would like to know the whereabouts of Deryck and Adele Sheriffs - last had contact with them at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa in 1966. Where are you guys? Johann Neethling
James Northrop
Sat, 17June 95
Can anyone tell me how to contact James (Jim) Northrop? I took him and his family to Baltimore-Washington International Airport in 1984 and never heard from him since! He was heading for a job with Burroughs (remember them) in Essex, U.K. He must still be in the computer business somewhere. (george waleski)
William (Bill) Fahrney
Sat, 10 June 95
I am trying to get in touch with Bill. We were friends in Washington,DC just after WWII. The last I heard he was a dairy farmer in Wisconsin. He has a married sister in Kensington, MD (Mary Lou Spottswood).
George Waleski (
David Burgess and Steve Voss
Sat, 10 June 95
I know you guys are out there! Contact me at my e-mail address. Also, anyone from LSMSA (and you know who you are) who graduated in 1985 or 1986....I'd sure like to hear what happened to you!!
Karen Holman (now Bullard)
Les du Toit in South Africa
Sat, 10 June 95
I am trying to locate the e-mail address of Les du Toit in South Africa
Lois Osborne
Sat, 10 June 95
I've been looking for my friend Lois Osborne who lives somewhere in the Chicago area. I need her e-mail address for a mutual friend who wants to send her e-mail. Lois is single, in her early 30's and used to live in St. Louis. Thanks for your help!
Please e-mail me at Michele Appelbaum if you know her!
Seaford Goff
Wed, 7 June 95
Looking for a Mr. Seaford Goff formerly of Belize; Eugene Oregon; Los Angeles California. Any one knowing the whereabouts please contact me at
James Clark Mathias
Les du Toit
Wed, 7 June 95
I am trying to locate the e-mail address of Les du Toit in South Africa
Johann Neethling email
Lois Osborne
Wed, 7 June 95
I've been looking for my friend Lois Osborne who lives somewhere in the Chicago area. I need her e-mail address for a mutual friend who wants to send her e-mail. Lois is single, in her early 30's and used to live in St. Louis. Thanks for your help!
Michele Appelbaum at if you know her!
Don Kim
Mon, 22 May 95
I am looking for Don (Tong) Kim Ku. We went to school in Hawaii together and haven't seen him since he moved to New York.
da kine
Charles Omar Wilson (could be Omar Charles Wilson)
Sun, 14th of May
Born: 7/14/17 Charleston, West Virginia
Father: Charles Mother: Maggie
Listed as "son, Omar" in 1920 census in Charleston
Worked: Union Carbide and Carbon, Oak Ridge Tennessee during WWII, expressly during early 1945. Was stores supervisor.
Email information to BTHARP@CINCOM.COM or call 1-800/888-0115.
Chi Lin Ling, aka China, jade
Sun, 14th of May
I'm looking for Chi Lin Ling, aka China, jade. It's Ed aka Poet from the rendevous bbs in new york city. We were penpals, 4 years ago. Last I knew she was in Sanfrancisco. I miss ya.
Marina Aleksandrovna PETROVA,
Sun, 23 Apr 95
We were friends and colleagues during the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal,Canada. Marina was an interpreter from ORGKOMITET MOSKWA while I was Deputy/Chief Observation Missions at COJO Montreal. I last heard of Marina from Barcelona Spain in 1977 attending an IOC session. Would like to contact her once again if possible.
Ron Hume or

Amanda Otto
Thu, 14 Apr 95
She used to be a teacher in South Africa. moved over to England. Husband is a doctor. Have two lovely children. Please contact us at the school.
Michiel Pretorius

Steve Pearson
14 Apr 95
Steve : IT has been 30 years. I am in Hawaii And I still think about my childhood pal I'm easy to find on the net L Inkster .

Shannon Lee Collins
14 Apr 95
Looking for Shannon Lee Collins (aka Strawberry). Born in Winnepeg, Manitoba in 1955. We new each other in Vancouver in 1970. We lived at the "Flag House". If you know her, please write

14 Apr 95
Anybody who met the yacht YOUTH during her world travels in the 60's please respond rags
Ray Weldon

Brenda Blondin
14 Apr 95
I am searching for a friend named Brenda Blondin. She lived in Rota, Spain. I lost touch with her after she moved to the San Diego area. I would like to get in touch with her. My name is Julie Wallace. Email address:

Gamble, Rob
14 Apr 95
Looking for Rob Gamble of Portland OR (at least he was there about 8 months ago). We used to correspond via Prodigy. We both dropped the service and promised to meet again someday on the 'net. Please e-mail me at

14 Apr 95
Ted...yer lame enough to be on the net...send me yer address..

Paul Mills.
Thurs,30th of March
I've lost contact with a buddy from High School who graduated from Canby Union High in '79 and went on to MIT to major in chemistry. His name is Paul Mills. I figure he's on the I-Way somewhere and would like to contact him. Thanks
Tracy Petrie (

Shehla Azri
Thurs,30th of March
Shehla--it's been 24 years (ouch!) but we were best buddies Classified Nuts forever in Highland Park, Illinois! If you see this, please get in touch!
Ruth Mastron (Wiener)

Gamble, Rob
Thurs,30th of March
Looking for Rob Gamble of Portland OR (at least he was there about 8 months ago). We used to correspond via Prodigy. We both dropped the service and promised to meet again someday on the 'net.
Please e-mail me at Thanks!

Juhanni Similla
Thurs,30th of March
I'd like to know if my friend Juhanni Similla (a musicologist) in Helsinki Finland has an Internet address. I haven't seen him in many years, I wonder how he is.

Peter Cimma
Mon,13th of March
He lives in Connecticut someplace. The last time I had contact with him was in the late 80's. He is married to former Linda Lloyd of Agawam, Massachusetts. Also, spent a number of years with United Aircraft and subsidiares...
Please contact Phillip Wright

Jason Star
Sun,5th of March
I am looking for the Internet address, if he has one, of Jason Star. He lives near Eugene OR or Pasadena CA. Any information would be welcomed. Thanks.
George Moseley

Mike Kettner
Fri,3rd March 1995
Looking for Mike Kettner who lived in Montreal from 1969 to at least 1973 Mike is originaly from Grand Rapids, Mich. Mike and I went to Vancouver with Barry Jeffries in 1970. Please email

Barbara Welch
Fri,3rd March 1995
Looking for Barbara Welch -- previously of Vassar College/Dartmouth/Poughkeepsie/Cape Cod. Can be reached at

John Andrews
Mon, 27th Feb 1995
If anyone knows the email address for John Andrews, a New Zealander working in Saudi Arabia (Rhyiad) for IBM, please let me know at Thanks Nick Traylen

Sadler, Don A Jr
Fri, 17th of Feb 1995
Get in touch with Jim Crowl at

Roth, Ken - Where are you?
Wed, 25 Jan 1995
Just trying to get in touch. I did not see F.B.Roth in the To directory the last time I looked (about a year ago). E-mail me if you see this. More after that.
Brian Spivak
Wed, 25 Jan 1995
Send me e-mail if you see this. ......LL

Jawahar Chatpar anywhere?
Wed, 25 Jan 1995
J.C send me e-mail if you see this......Louis Lobo

Fallon, Mary
Mary Fallon, formerly Sr.Collette from the Presentation Convent, in Murree, Pakistan. This is Michael who met you in Karachi in 1969/1970 on your trip back to Ireland. We last spoke when I was in London in1971/72 and you were in Birmingham. If you get this ring Stan in London 081-452-9822 and ask him to contact me or email me at
Pape, Brian
Hey Brian, where'd you go? I'm trying to find you on the net but you're not around anymore. If you see this, email Let's keep in touch. -Roy(#56637)@lambda

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