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Juggling Chainsaws

by Pisces -

Yeah, I once saw a guy juhhling chainsaws,
He was on a cobblestone bridge
Over an artificial lagoon at Disney World,
And he was dressed like a court jester
With pointy shoes and a silly hat with bells
A crowd of tourists encircling him and clapping lustily
And yeah, I eggshelled this grinning bloody image
Where he misjudges a toss
And in the rain of cheers and flash photography
A chainsaw falls through his happy hat,
slides right through him like he's a cartoon,
Splitting him in half
In a dam-bursting tide of blood and mechanical roar
Like animation,
Single tone blood slipping pooling among the cobblestones,
Mingling like streams of rain
And the chainsaws lying un-thought-of on the ground,
Flopping like breathless fish in a roar of futility
And the crowd gasps in drooling horror
And slamms their fat flabby hands against their cheeks
In perfect elastic choreography,
I glance sidelong to see a fat woman
With green painted face like a cartoon clown
Agape in mock-horror
Not allowing a single moment of terror entertainment
To escape her underfed brain,
She  pushes forward with everyone else
To get a better look at the tragic jester
Still bleeding in monochrome
So she could gasp even louder in unblinking voyeurism,
Her crayon make-up cutting waxy rivers down her cheeks,
It was a downright appalling scene,
Blood speckled with the well-aimes tears of the choked
And hysteria screaming small children
Holding shaken parent hands
Little overflowing eyes
But the truly amazing thing was that
Nobody left.

But the vision only lasted for a second,
And the crowd applauded enthusiastically 
As the jester graciously bowed.

Author: Pisces -
Reason: I was lying awake at like 2 in the morning
POEM ID: 950
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